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From the first days of foundation, SUFAT Viet Nam has identified that the group’s development was inherent in the society’interests. Over 15 years of building and growing up, SUFAT Viet Nam Group has attemped to find out its own way in the trend toward integration. SUFAT has incessantly developed, invested hundreds of billion VND for the technology and technical improvement to provide miliions of Vitenamese consumers SUFAT products with nice style, sensible price, international quality.

With technology and mechanical line of advanced countries such as Japan, Germany, Italia, Taiwan, SUFAT Viet Nam has provided products with the Vietnames spirit: Backhand I, Backhand II, Backhand Sport, Retot- Rendo, Super Retot, Naiid, Wildcat, Labour, Fivemost, and especially SUFAT Thousand – the product to welcome 1000 years Thang Long- Hanoi, given the style sole protection by Ministry of Sience and Technology.

SUFAT Thousand is a meticulous artistic work of SUFAT company with standards of style and Europen quality but Vitnamese price, suitable with weather, terrain and Vietnamese living condition. SUFAT Thousand is considered as a peak product of the company in 2010 and 2011.

SUFAT Thousand is researched and improved by the national and foreign experts about style to show the beauty of Vietnam country, the strong of the Thang Long dragon and show the pride of the Vietnamese.