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Launchinga new product ceremony - the Sufat Thousand motorcycle of Vietnam was held on 13/10 in Hanoi. This is one of the few Vietnamese-branded motorcyles introduced in Vietnam market. Not only improvement in accordance with the terrain, weather in Vietnam,  introduced on 13/10, but also is the product  to celebrate 1,000 years of Thang Long - Hanoi.

SUFAT Thousand are produced at the plant with liquid injection technology at high temperature and pressure to ensure the accuracy of shape and uniformity of materials.


Vehiclehas a wide tool box (can store helmet and many other items). Low saddle designed to create the comfort for the user. Rear  lights are designed suitablely.


Thousandhas details created with Mic welding technology  to ensure consistency, and aesthetic. The perfect frame is  treated by sandblasting and phosphate.  Electrostatic  painting technology to make  the  solid paint, avoiding corrosion and oxidation of the environment,  and anti-abrasion.


Theengine housing is molded with pressure technology to create products of aluminum alloy precision, uniformity, high surface smoothness. Being machined by CNC programmed system to ensure accuracy and uniformity of the product. The products produced in the factory tested thoroughly before assembling. Each unit, each component has check by KCS employees.


The motorcycle ‘sdetails and components are imported from domestic  and abroad. However, with each detail and component  is carefully tested, if fulfilled, they will be stored.. Therefore, Sufat can test the quality of the products.

About  the engine, after being tested and checking the quality (power, torque, fuel consumption, emissions) and 100% motorcycle after finishing the specific test (weight, speed, acceleration, braking, lighting ...), especially entire vehicle is tested on the company's longest terrain and a variety of terrains in Vietnam.

SUFATcompany said SUFAT Thousand considered as a peak product with criteria "model, European quality, Vietnamese price". Now Thousand  has 4 colours: black, red, white and blue with the expected price is 12.900.000d (spokes wheel rim, normal brake); 13.400.000d (casting wheel rim, normal brake) and 13.900.000d ( casting wheel rim, disc brake).