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On the evening of12/06/2011, in Hanoi, “ Vietnam Intellectual Property Association “(VIPA) held a ceremony to honor trademark competition -  Vietnam  famous trademarks 2011. SUFAT Vietnam Co., Ltd. was honored with the award for "Top of 20 Vietnam famous trademarks  2011" thanks to the outstanding achievements in the building and developing  brand.


Beginning  in2006, the Consulting and Electing Program  of Vietnam famous trademarks  is held by  the Vietnam Intellectual Property Association annually with the aim of raising public awareness about intellectual property, promptly recognize and honor the units that have achieved outstanding achievements in building and developing  brand to become an important asset of the business in the international trade integration.


In 2011,the program name was changed to program of consultation, assessment and certificates awarded for competitive trademark - Vietnam  famous trademarks. This was also the year that Vietnam's economy was slowly going up after the global financial crisis, the Vietnam business achievements have contributed significantly to the fast and powerful transformation to the national economy.However, businesses also faced with many difficulties and challenges, particularly stiff competition begining at the domestic market. A variety of brands, products of famous foreign enterprises have begun to  appear  in Vietnam. Overcoming challenges to exploit the opportunities and advantages that  international economic integration brought  to develop. Being well-matched to the world was vital task of all Vietnam businesses.


The program was received the active response and participation of hundreds of trusted organizations and enterprises in the whole country. This was a selective program with the large scale, whereby helped the consumers choose trusted brands and products with good quality. Beside, the program made the new motivations for the development of the enterprises as well as a wide advertisement  in the campaign “ The vietnamese use Vietnamese goods as a priority” of Political Bureau to all classes of people in our society and people in over the world. In early 2011, SUFAT Viet Nam Corporation attended theConsulting and Electing Program  of Vietnam famous trademarks  and  SUFAT had an honour  to be a member of “  Top of 20 Vietnam famous trademarks  2011” after 6 months of electing and approving. This was a great honour as well as strong motivation for SUFAT continue to attemp to deverse a famous trademark  about producing and assembling motorcycle in Vietnam as well as in over the world.