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Manual for use motorcycle

Driving clothes

For the girls, high heel shoes will affect the footrest position when controlling gearing motorcycle, therefore shifting gear and braking will be affected.


When using high heel shoes, the first difficult we get is how to put our feet suitably. If we only put the heel or toe on the footrest, our feet will not stay in a firm state , so our feet will be slipped when braking or shifting gear. If we put the heel behind the footrest, our feet will not be flexible and we brake or shift gear uneffectively.



Using shoes / sandals with high heels makes us difficult to put our feet suitably

                                     Our feet  will not be flexible, easily slipped

To avoid this situation, the driver should use shoes or scandals with low heel, so we will be flexible for braking and shifting gear.

If possible, you should equip your own shoes for using motorcycle or shoes with non-slip sole.

 Have a safe driving


 Safety for person sitting in the back


The posture of the person sitting in the back of motorcycle driver has a big influence to the driving. If the person sitting in the back leans forwads to the right or the left, the driver will be affected and difficult to control the motorcycle in a balance way. If the driver and the person sitting in the back do not form a unity with the motorcycle, the driver will be difficult to control the motorcycle on the complicated roads such as rough roads, slippy roads.


To help the driver to easily control the motorcycle, the person sitting in the back should consult the following ways:


1. Two thigh: close on the driver’s side


2. Two hands: hold on the driver's waist, or an arm holds on the waist and an arm holds on the seat handle.

This will make the driver and  the person sitting in the back form an unity

3. No leaning to the right or to the left, this will make the driver and the person sitting in the back form an unity


Have a safety driving


Posture of the driver


When the driver is not in true posture, he (she) will feel tired, stressful and will be to deal with surprising situations slowly and uncorrectly.




The basic attention on driving posture



1. Sitting position:

Raise the main stand, stand up straight on the footrest bar and sit down slowly , this action helps us to sit in the middle of the seat, not leaning to the left or right, as well as sitting not too closed or far from the handle bar. We need to adjust how suitable with the driver’s position.



2. Hands and eyes


When driving, our eyes are looking ahead to cover and deal with information opportunely.


Hands hold around the grip assy, not putting the fingers on the brake lever to avoid the case our hands are out of controlling bar when going on the rough roads, or not placing one or two fingers on the brake lever, the fingers will be stucked at brake lever, braking will not reach 100%,

The two arms close slightly in a natural angle


3. Feet:

Two thighs close to the saddle slightly, forming two parallel lines, making the driver and the motorcycle an unity, 2 toes go ahead, 2soles of the feet put on the bar of footrest, put your toes on brake lever slightly to be ready to brake in unexpected situations.


Motorcycle Inspection


Need to check the safety parts of motorcycles daily. When the inspection was be acquainted, you only takes 1 to 2 minutes.



         - Check the wear of  tyres (if there are any hard objects, exclude them out of     the tyres)

         - Check air pressure

         - Check rims and spokes are stretched enough or not





          - Check the head lights, turn signals, tail lights, are light or not?


           - Check the whistles.




            - Check the cover and bowel of brakes is frayed, broken or missing oil or not?

             -Adjust the free distance of the brake lever about 20  to 25mm

              - Check the oil of the front brake enough or not?

  Check when putting on brakes well as well as when releasing them.

 Rear-view Mirror:


        Check the observing range of mirrors