Technical support



  •   Sittingon the bicycle, 2 feet to touch the ground, if 2 feet off the ground, you have to adjust the seat to your 2 feet touched the ground

  •  Left hand holds thehand brake on the left, right hand plugs into the key power switch, turns to the ON position (open), when the indicator of  red light will light up, meaning that the source has started

  • At the same time right hand adjusts the throttle (in the reverse direction of the clock), the bicycle will start up, the larger the angle of the throttle becomes, the faster running speed of the bicycle becomes

  • Whenyour electric bicycle has just started, you should increase the speed slowly, do not immediately turn off throttle to prevent damage to the electric parts and electrical waste

  • In the process ofusing bicycle, try to use brake less, using pedal assistance when rising the slope and limitbooting in order to save battery power.
  • Whenthe bicycle stops, turn off the power and pull the key out of the bicycle in order to ensure human safety and your bicycle.




If you want the time of using your bicycle is durable and safe when operating, you should keep your bicycle in the best condition, clean and check regularly:

  • Tyres:  enough steam or not?
  • Have bolts,screws been tightened yet? Especially the screws near the wheels
  • Battery: charged enough or not? or is there enough power of a distance that you need to move or not?
  • Brake System: Has been adjusted appropriately or not? Is it safe on the way that you prepare to move or not?
  • Saddle and helm: Is itsuitable for your body or not? Is it too high or low compared with your body? Please adjust how high or low levels in order to avoid stress when you have moved on a long way with your electric bicycle.
  • If you haven’t used your electric bicycle for a long time, you should recharge to make the time of using longer (you should recharge per 10 days)
  • If you see anything unusual when checking it, please inform the supplier or the seller immediately

3.Instruction of charging:

Method 1:


 Charge  directlywithout having to remove the battery out of the bicycle:
 Parking for sure. Turn the key to OFF position to turn off the power switch.

  • Unplugthe power cord plug into the car battery. Plug the cord plug into the battery, the other end of the charger is plugged into electric source in your home.


    (Note: some kind of electric bicycle battery with separate charger plug hole, in that case, we do not need to pull the cord plug into the battery.)

  • When the indicator light is red, it means that the electricity has been into the battery

    Aftercharging about 4 – 8hours, the indicator light of the charger will turn to green, let us know the average power was fully charged.

    Charging part is designed according to the mechanism of self-protection. That is, after the battery has fully charged and the indicator light turns to green, protection circuit will automatically cut off the power source and willnot charge into it again.

Method 2:

When the electric bicycle is not near the electric source or for other reasons, you must take the battery out of the bicycle

  • Unlockbeneath the electric bicycle

  •   Pullthe connection cord between the bicycle and the battery out, then lift the battery out of the bicycle to get power position.
      After charging finished, put the battery in the bicycle and lock

  • Placethe battery on a flat and balance surface, plug one cord into the battery connector and the other connected to the power on the side. Connect the charger part to the power in the house via plugs 220 V


Charging notes:

• Put electrical parts in a safe place, out of reach of children.

• Only use a charger that has the same electric capacity to the engine and fit on your bicycle battery.

•Avoid falling, colliding, or distorting parts in the process of moving the electric parts

• Avoid water or any liquid to stick to electrical parts.

• During the charging process, the charger should be placed in a cool and dry place and not be covered or wrapped in any materials

• During the charging process, if there is anything unusual (high temperature, burning smell ...) stop charging and contact with the nearest warranty and repairing service agent 

4. Notes

Do not move the engine in a self- willed way

Do not put parts that go with the engine and the battery to stick water

Do not use the electric bicycle when the isolated bag is torn

Do not pull the isolated bags out of the electric parts and battery carelessly