Development History


Development History


In Vietnam in the 1990s and before, owning a motorcycle as a mean of personal transportation for the majority of urban residents was a dream. Motorcycles were assets in the family, as a result of any generations’ labour after many years of doing business and accumulating hard.

Source of supplying motorcycles at that time was partly brought by the students learning abroad of the East European countries, and the rest were the second hand motorcycles from Japan, Korea.

On August 8th 1996, Mr Pham Cuong, his wife and some brothers established Pham Tu Co.Ltd. They officially began the trading business with initial chartered capital: 100 million VND.


 Assembling and selling stage

Deciding to divert from pure doing business to business of Pham Tu Co. Ltd. was marked by the buiding Vietnam- China producing and assembling motorbike factory, at Pho Noi industrial park B, Yen My, Hung Yen on November 15th 2000 with  total initial invested capital: 74 billion 255 million VND.

  Approximately 50-60% of motorcycle spare parts were imported, the rest was produced in Vietnam and in Pham Tu Co.Ltd.

  There were 57 enterprises in Vietnam licensed to assemble motorcycle during this period (1995-2002)

This was the period when Chinese motorcycles (or most of components from China are imported for assembly) flooded the Vietnamese market. Low price and plentiful designs by "imitating prefered models" tactic was the advantage of this product line. Motorcycles were not a luxurious dream for many Vietnamese people anymore. However, consumers quickly realized quality problems and the lack of commitment behind the sale service of authentic brand. Motorbike market share that domestic enterprises manufactured and assembled, reduced from 57% in 1999 to 15% in 2010.


On March 31st 2004 chartered capital increased 106 billion VND, the company name was changed to Sufat Vietnam Co. Ltd. with the concerns, trying to find a way for the existence and development of the company itself in particular the motorcycle industry in Vietnam in general.


Dream of producing motorcycles

Coming from the working class, both made a living and attemped for self-learning, graduated from Hanoi Polytechnic University with a degree of mechanical engineering, Mr Pham Cuong, Genaral Director of Sufat Vietnam Co.Ltd. has an extreme passion for researching, manufacturing motorcycle spare parts with the question was when Vietnamese enterprises were able to produce motorcycles by themselve?


Visited many big manufacturers of motorcycles in the world, listened to the activities R & D, saw  famous design centers of his eyes, he asked his colleagues: could we set up a center like that in Vietnam?


And here is the answer.

- 2007:

Ministry of Sience and Technology (MOST) signed the contract to support expenditure from the state budget for scientific research, "Application of CAD / CAM  in designing and manufacturing motorbikes in Vietnam with Sufat brand". The first designing motorcycle center in Vietnam was in operation, a series of designs given a permit of exclusive protection such as: Backhand; Rendo; Labour ...


Sufat Vietnam Co.Ltd. began to research and develop Sufat’s own motorcycle engine SE-2009  to 2011 MOST continued signing the contract to support expenditure from the state budget for production test subject " design, manufacture motorcycle engine with air-cooled 4-stroke type, got localization rate of 80%. "

- 2011:

After more than 6 years of investing constantly  in machinery, equipment and technology (2004-2011), Sufat Vietnam company can be fully active in all stages of manufacturing 01 motorcycle in Vietnam from designing to checking to finish.


The way of building Vietnamese motorbike brand


If building a brand is a long-time and different way and for all businesses, the building Vietnamese motorbike brand is a very big challenge. Honda, Yamaha motorcycle ... the foreign brand has long been exsited in Vietnamese consumers’thinking. The competition of engineering products in Vietnam in general and motorcycles in particular has not been affirmed (or good quality but the price is too high, or a sensible price but the quality is not safe ...). The support from the state was mostly the tip (the campaign of Vietnamese using Vietnamese goods as a priority), the lack of selective and focused investment for the leading enterprises in the industry ..


 Sufat Vietnam Corporation was aware of this, but we had no way to advance in a flat world.

Gold Cup of Ministry of Science and Technology and General Directorate of Quality Standards (2005), credit of the Ministry of Industry (2007), the famous national competitive brand name for many years (2008-2010), Labor Medal of the 3rd class awarded by the President (2008) ... Those were the recognitions of the State, Ministries, and the whole of society for the efforts of hundreds of staffs as well as workers in Sufat Vietnam Corporation.


The way of building Vietnamese motorbike brand  is still long and full of difficults, but having an extreme passion to create beautiful products, believing in the efforts and talents and being determined to prove to the world, will bring us to the end of the road as a conclusion of a song: "Sufat – the pride of Vietnam motorbike!"