Policy documents

New guide on the application of the registration fee

The Ministry of Finance has issued Circular dated 31/08/2011 124/2011/TT-BTC implementation guide fee


Accordingly, the proportion of fee income from 10-20% for passenger cars under 10 seats, including pickup trucks, as stipulated in Decree 45 of the Government.


However, the specific charge will also depend on the decision of the Council of provinces and cities directly under the central government to match local conditions. Currently, most of the localities across the country are applicable registration fee rates for passenger cars under 10 seats is 10%, HCMC own income at 12%.


This circular also stipulates the rate of registration fee for the land, hunting rifles and sporting guns, ships, boats, tug boats, push boats, boat, motorcycle wheels - three wheelers, motorcycle (including electric bikes) .... The registration fee for a maximum of 500 million VND / assets / time of registration. The maximum charge does not apply to passenger cars under 10 seats.


According to the Circular, the Ministry of Finance guiding the exemption from registration fees for different types of asset. Including housing, land of poverty, housing, land of ethnic minority communes, wards and townships in disadvantaged areas of housing, land of households and individuals in the The communes of economic development - socio particularly difficult, mountainous and remote areas, housing, land of households and individuals of ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands. The inland waterway transport has no engine, full load to 15 tons ... and other cases decided by the Prime Minister.


This Circular takes effect from the date of 15/10/2011.