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Implement measures to pull off a traffic accident


Information from the Traffic Safety Commission said the country, the local is simultaneously implemented many measures to decrease the traffic accidents especially to prevent traffic accidents seriously.
In Thanh Hoa, social work task of ensuring traffic order and safety were the political system and the entire population.
In Thua Thien - Hue, the function forces conducted delete the "black spots" to pull off a traffic accident. Specifically, many took the position of traffic safety on Highway 1A through the province was road-managing units conduct warning devices installed to prevent and reduce traffic accidents, such as a mixed pile soft, sea speed limits, warning signs of traffic accidents, as expand the speed humps curve, reduce the super high mountain pass.
In Hai Duong Provincial Traffic Safety Committee has requested further force function test, and strictly handle violations on highways, particularly for violations of speed, running dives, vi violating regulations on alcohol.
Many localities are considered hot spots for traffic safety, such as Ha Tinh, Nam Dinh, Kon Tum ... is also trying to implement more measures to curb traffic accidents.
Data from the Bureau of Police road - rail: 6 months in 2011, the country has more than 23,000 cases happened road traffic accidents, killing 5,662 people and injuring more than 25,600 people. On average, each month the country still has nearly 1,000 people died and over 4,000 were injured due to traffic accidents.
As of 10-7-2011, there were 75 traffic accidents particularly serious as 219 people died and 193 were injured. Private 3 days from 9 to 11-7, nationally occurred 78 accidents, killing 63 people, injuring 44 people.
In the first 6 months of 2011, the Police force has stripped more than 122,400 licenses driving cases, custody than 9,500 cars, more than 289,000 motorcycles, motorcycles and more than 2,500 other cases. Sanctions 297,000 cases of violation of not wearing a helmet, 24,600 cases of alcohol abuse, 1,100 cases of using fake driving license, erased.